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A birthday, a graduation, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a weeding anniversary, Mother's or Father's Day, Christmas, or any other particular event.

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And why not just a case of I want to please someone ...

An original idea !

Gift vouchers have a one year validity period from the date of issue indicated on them.

Fill in the form below. You will be able to choose the type of flight you will want to offer. See Tandem flights » if you have not made your choice yet. The beneficiary can choose the date of his/her flight later (see the terms as defined in the Specific conditions of use below). If you have already chosen the date of the flight you must fill in the form at least 7 days prior to the flight date. You will also be given the choice to get the gift voucher sent to you, so you can hand it out yourself, or to get it sent directly to the beneficiary; and in both cases, by email or by mail.

Gift voucher information form

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(All fields are mandatory except * optional fields)

The requester

The passenger

Unaccompagnied minors must have a parental authorization.

The flights


For the flight you can specify

(subject to availability)

or a date period

(subject to availability)

The icing

Indicate by whom the gift voucher is offered. Leave blank if you want to write it down yourself.

By checking the above checkbox, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the General Terms of Business. Click here to open the General Terms of Business page in a new tab.

You will receive by email a copy of the information you have given us. You can thus verify your order and if need be modify it, without forgetting in this case to send them to us to contact AT nubair DOT com. We will confirm our agreement and will acknowledgment its' reception.

To obtain the gift voucher, send us as soon as possible the total amount of the order (chosen flight type + the photo & video option if you have chosen it) accompanied with the print-out of the email you received. If you do not have a printer at hand, simply write the name of the requester on the back of the cheque for reference (in case someone other then the requester is paying).

We will confirm the reception of the payment by email or telephone.

Any information form for which the payment is not received within 7 days will be considered null and will be deleted.

Any order of a gift voucher suppose acceptance of the Specific Terms of Use as stated below (they are also written on the back of the gift vouchers). Please read them carefully.

Call us at +33 (0)6 17 85 02 58 or   write us write us


NUB'Air logo Gift vouchers Specific Conditions of Use

Gift voucher have a one year validity period from the date of issue indicated on them.

The flights take place every day of the week (week-end included) only upon appointment and upon presentation of the gift voucher and are subject to meteorological and aerological conditions as deemed only by the pilot.

The beneficiary, whose name figures on the gift voucher, is sole responsible for scheduling the flight.

The choice of the date and its' scheduling must be done under the following conditions :

Choice and scheduling of the date D – 3 days :
The beneficiary contacts' the company so as to make sure of the availability of the pilot. In case of unavailability he will then choose a postponement date (subject to availability).

Confirmation D - 1 day :
The beneficiary contacts' the company in order to have confirmation that the meteorological and aerological conditions, as deemed only by the pilot, are compatible with the flight scheduled for the next day. If not he will then choose a postponement date (subject to availability).

After confirmation the company will give you the name and the contact information of the pilot, as well as the rendez-vous point, that can vary depending on the flight and the weather conditions.

In the absence of taking contact the day before, the flight will be automatically rescheduled within the gift vouchers' validity limit.

D day :
The beneficiary must present himself the appointed day at the rendez-vous point previously fixed. He or she must wear clothing appropriate to the activity and/or to the season (eventually specified in the flights' description). He or she must imperatively present the gift voucher to the pilot. In certain case, if specified, we will ask you to present us with a medical certificate.

Punctuality, humility and good humor are the ground rules of our activity.

In case of incompatible weather conditions, the flight will be postponed to a later date within the gift vouchers' validity limit.

Call us at +33 (0)6 17 85 02 58 or  write us write us


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